Cosmetic Dentistry

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Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. At a glance, people may decide whether they love your engaging, healthy grin or whether they feel turned-off by crooked, stained teeth.
To make your first impression a good one, stop by Naas Family Dentistry in Independence, KY. Our cosmetic dentist can perform a variety of treatments to ensure your teeth look their best.
Love the Look of Your Smile

Now you, too, can enjoy a smile worthy of the red carpet. Our cosmetic dental procedures correct a variety of problems, including stains and chips, without compromising your bite or tooth structure.

Some of our most common cosmetic procedures include:

• Composite fillings •
• Diastema closure •
• Tooth whitening •
• Veneers •

Bonding plus crown


When you come to our office in Independence, KY, our cosmetic dentist will listen to and address all your concerns about your teeth. From there, we can determine the best methods for giving you a whiter, more beautiful smile, whether you need a simple cleaning or a more thorough tooth-whitening treatment.
Depending on the extent of the changes you want, we may even perform restorative procedures to fill in gaps and replace missing teeth. With our help, your teeth will not only look more attractive, but also stay in good shape.
Don't Forget to Book Your Appointment

At Naas Family Dentistry, we want you to feel confident whenever you smile and comfortable whenever you visit our office. Our cosmetic dentist will gladly answer any questions you may have about our services, and we'll teach you the best methods for maintaining a stunning smile.

If you notice any flaws or problems with your teeth, or if you're simply overdue for a checkup, don't wait to book your next appointment. Call 859-363-9200 to reach our Independence, KY office. Or, fill out our contact form , and we'll arrange a time that works best for you and your family. 

Replacing old unmatched crown with single crown

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